Troubleshooting Notifications

The following are issues that may occur when working with notifications:

Notification not Delivered

Possible cause

The delivery of a notification failed due to an unknown issue.


Go to Transactions > Notification History in Commerce Assistant. This page lets you search through the notifications that were sent by Cleverbridge , so that you find out when they were sent to your system and whether or not they were successfully delivered.

If the delivery of a notification failed, the field in the column Successfully Delivered at is empty.



The Notification History feature does not enable you to re-send notifications that have failed. It is intended to give you relevant information so you can fix possible issues on your end. For more information, see Notification History ✱

​Notifications not Sent or Received Immediately

Possible cause

Notification tasks are processed depending on the current load on the system and can take a few moments until they are actually sent out. Although Cleverbridge provides real-time notifications, it does not mean that notifications are sent immediately after a transaction has taken place.​


Wait a few minutes and then check if the notification was sent out as expected.

Possible cause

The delivery of the notification failed, and the system will retry once every two hours.


Wait for two hours and then check if the notification was sent out.