Full Page Integration

Our full page storefront contains checkout processes, order processes, or other customer self-service features to which your customers are redirected when they click on an action button. You and your partners/affiliates can easily integrate the Cleverbridge-hosted UI into your front-end by using links. This type of integration gives you access to the full range of storefront UI features, maximizing the conversion rate and sales revenue.

How to Integrate

Set up your checkout link and payment options

Use Commerce Assistant to create a link to your checkout process. The payment options presented on your checkout pages are based on the customer's GeoIP location. You can limit payment options by specifying URL parameters in Link Generator.

For more information, see Links (URLs) & Checkout Pages, List of Checkout Process Parameters, and Link Generator ✱. If you need help with setting up your checkout link and preferred payment methods, you can also contact Client Experience.

Add your product to the checkout link

In the Cart Content section of the Link Generator, select the product that you want to add to the checkout link. This automatically adds the correct product to the customer's shopping cart. For more information, see Link Generator ✱.

Connect the checkout link to your checkout button

When the customer chooses a product on your homepage, redirect them to your Cleverbridge checkout link for a full-page checkout experience.