Generate Cart Preview

POST /cart/generatecartpreview

The Generate Cart Preview endpoint creates a cart preview that is populated with product and price information. Use this resource to access what customers see when they use a certain IP address or language.
You can also use the response to populate your web page with product and pricing information stored in the Cleverbridge platform. This circumvents the need to maintain duplicate product and pricing information both in your database and in the Cleverbridge platform. Additionally, you have the option to display the information returned by this resource to the customer as either read-only or editable by the customer.

Use Case

  1. You want to populate a marketing landing page with product and price information for your gold subscription product.
  2. You can use the GenerateCartPreview API resource to receive information on this product from customers and then transform this information into another format, such as HTML.
  3. A customer is directed to this page by email and decides to purchase this product. The page enables the customer to change the number of users from 1 to 12. Two flows might occur at this point, depending on whether this is a new customer or an existing one:
  • A new customer is redirected to the web checkout process.
  • An existing customer clicks “Buy Now” and you have to call the ProcessCart API to populate the customer and shopping cart data. Once done, Cleverbridge processes this purchase.


To generate a properly and fully formed response, this API resource requires that all products be directly passed using the Product ID in the ShoppingCartUrl This means, for example, that the following types of URL strings should not be passed:

  • MVT campaign URLs, for example:



The GenerateCartPreview API resource cannot access product information that is hidden behind a protected URL.



This URL can be resolved if copied and pasted into a web browser. However, if it is passed using the ShoppingCartUrl request parameter, then only the default selected product will be returned in the response.

If you wanted to pass the same products contained in the product selection example above, then simply take a URL that explicitly identifies the products using the ShoppingCartUrl parameter, for example:,127961,127960



Frequently calling the /generatecartpreview resource can cause a lot of server traffic. Before using this resource, contact Client Experience for more information.