Subscription API Guide

The Subscription API allows you to acquire information about your subscriptions. It also gives you the option of processing a number of different API calls in order to change or update existing subscriptions.

The following are required to use subscriptions in the Cleverbridge platform.

Platform Setup

You have set up subscription products in the Commerce Assistant or the Subscription Commerce Manager.

Upgrade and Downgrade Relationship Setup

You have defined the upgrade and downgrade relationships between subscription products. These relationships are based on business rules that determine the circumstances for substituting products for one another.

There are two ways to define upgrade and downgrade relationships:

API Access

For security reasons, the use of the Subscription API is restricted to known clients. Your technical department must request access by contacting Client Experience and providing the necessary information.

Integration Points Setup

Your technical team can create an integration appropriate to your needs. The integration should include and support the following:

  • Changing subscription information in the Cleverbridge platform. This is the main purpose for using the Subscription API.
  • Making corresponding changes to information on the client's internal system. For example, if the Subscription API is used to downgrade a subscription from 20 users to 10, or if a customer adds an item to a multi-item subscription, then the client's internal system must be updated so it can change the type and/or amount of services that the customer can access.

Cleverbridge Contact

Cleverbridge appreciates having advance notice about subscription integrations. You should notify Client Experience to ensure a smooth coordination process.



Before integrating the Subscription API, read the Get Started section on the next page.

If you're already familiar with our Subscription API, go through the most common use cases in the following sections: