Schema Definitions

The JSON objects and XML documents used in notifications are based on schema definitions. You can access the schema definitions in a human-readable format at the URLs listed below. Cleverbridge regularly updates the schema definitions to add new data fields.

JSON Schema



The JSON schema for notifications was initially released with platform update 3.12 and is based on the XML schema version 3.10. The data structure is not backward compatible with earlier versions of the XML schema.

The JSON schema for notifications does not use versioning. Instead, new data fields are continuously added. For more information, see the Notification Reference.

XML Schema



If you use XML notifications, you must notify Client Experience that you need
to be notified when the XML schema is updated. Client Experience will notify
you of the updates by email.

The XML schema for notifications uses versioning. The versions correspond to the Cleverbridge platform updates. You are free to choose which version of the XML document you would like to receive. This means your automated processor does not have to reflect the newest standard when an update is released. By choosing the document's version, you are free to update the integration code at any time.



It is not possible to use current in when integrating with XML notifications. You must replace current in the URL with the actual version number.

Current versions of XML schemas are available at:

To access older versions of the XML schemas, replace current with the version number in the URL, for example All version numbers are listed in the Cleverbridge platform under Tools > Add Notification > Settings > XML schema. For more information, see Manage Notifications.