Bill Subscription Customers for Usage

Cleverbridge Subscription API allows you to bill customers based on their usage of your product or service.

Read through the supported property-change use cases to learn more about what API endpoints to use and how to set your API calls.



It is possible to use either the /updatesubscriptionitem or the /updatesubscriptionitemprice resource if the only subscription item properties to be changed are the price, the quantity, or both. However, /updatesubscriptionitem should be used for new developments or for modifying existing code in cases where other subscription data, in addition to price and (optionally) quantity, are changed. Whereas, /updatesubscriptionitemprice should be used for new developments in which only the subscription item's price and (optionally) quantity are changed.

The following applies to all the use cases within this section:

Preconditions and Considerations

  • The subscription has the status Active.
  • You know the next reminder date for the subscription because the subscription must be updated with the usage information before this date. The new purchase is created in the Cleverbridge platform on the next reminder date. In order to be billed, the usage information must have been applied to the subscription record in the Cleverbridge system.
  • Use of the CustomerPrice parameter in the API response is optional if you're using the Update Subscription Item API endpoint and required if you're using the Update Subscription Item Price endpoint. Before doing so, see Understand Customer Price.
  • Use the AlignmentSettings parameter for the subscription in the API response is required. Before doing so, see Get Started with Subscription API > Alignment Settings.

For more information on which API endpoint to use, see Guidelines for When to Use UpdateSubscriptionItem vs. UpdateSubscriptionItemPrice.