Renew a Auto-Renewal Subscription Ahead of Schedule

The following contains relevant information about this use case:

Preconditions and Considerations

  • The subscription has the Automatic renewal type, which does not require the customer to initiate the renewal at the end of the billing interval.
  • The current billing interval has started and the next billing date has not been reached yet.
  • The renewal is not combined with an alignment of the subscription. For more information, see Get Started with Subscription API > Alignment Settings.
  • The call using the Renew Subscription API endpoint must be made between the start of the current billing interval and the next billing date.
  • By default, the Cleverbridge platform bills the customer the full price for the next billing interval, which starts immediately. Any remaining time from the current billing interval is added to the next billing interval, moving the next billing date further into the future. If you want to suppress this behavior, set ResetBillingInterval to true.


  1. On February 15th, 2018, the IT department at Net Corp signs up for a subscription to anti-virus software. They receive 100 seats for $5,000 annually. The subscription renews automatically on February 15th of each year.
  2. On December 22nd, 2018, the director is informed that he has excess budget in the IT department which must be spent before December 31st. To spend his excess budget, the director decides to renew Net Corp's anti-virus subscription early.
  3. The director logs onto his Customer Self-Service and clicks on the Renew Now button. The Renew Now button redirects the customer to a review page uses the Renew Subscription API endpoint to obtain and display the price, new expiration date (February 15th, 2020), and other details regarding the subscription.
  4. After reviewing this information, the customer confirms this purchase by clicking a Buy Now button on the review page. The page uses the Subscription API to renew the customer's anti-virus subscription immediately.
  5. The Cleverbridge platform immediately bills the customer the price for the next billing interval ($5,000). The next billing interval starts on February 15th, 2019.

This use case calls the Update Subscription Item and the Renew Subscription API endpoints as described below:

Preview of price and new expiration date (first call)

If the API call is formatted as described below, it will:

  • Calculate the next billing date if the renewal is made
  • Return the next billing date in the NextBillingDate parameter of the API response (so that it can be provided to the customer)
  • Not change any data in the Cleverbridge system
ParameterSet to Value
SubscriptionIdThe unique identifier of the subscription.
RunningNumber1 (This subscription has only one item.)
ProductIdProduct ID for the users subscription item.
AlignmentSettingsAlignToCurrentInterval: false

GetCustomerPricePreviewOnly: true
UpdateActionSee the note at the end of this section.

Renew subscription for another billing interval (second call)

If the API call is formatted as described below, it will update the customer's subscription data in the Cleverbridge platform.

ParameterSet to Value
SubscriptionIdThe unique identifier of the subscription.



The UpdateAction parameter is currently used for documentation and tracking only. The value set does not affect transaction processing.

The supported values are as follows:

  • For upgrades, set the parameter to upgrade(or 1 for JSON)
  • For downgrades, set the parameter to downgrade, (or 2 for JSON)
  • For all other changes, set the parameter to update (or 0 for JSON)


The same options are available to you as in the previous case. For more details, see Renew a Manual-Renewal Subscription Ahead of Schedule.