Offer a Period of Free Service for Reactivating a Subscription

Offer a customer a period of free access if the customer reactivates a canceled subscription.

Preconditions and Considerations

  • All subscription items have the status Deactivated.
  • Each subscription item to be reactivated belongs to a currently available subscription product.
  • The date to which the next billing date is updated must be in the future. If the date must be set to today, set it at least one minute in the future.


  1. On August 30th, you (the client) create a list of all customers who have canceled their subscriptions to your company's CloudMax Enterprise product. To win back these customers, you email them with an offer of two months of free service from the date of reactivation if they choose to reactivate.
  2. On September 6th, a customer clicks a button in the email to reactivate the subscription for two months free of charge. The customer is redirected to a page where the customer confirms the reactivation.
  3. Upon submission of the reactivation request, the page uses the following subscription endpoints to:
  4. On November 6th, the Cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer $299 for the new monthly billing interval.

To achieve this, set the parameters in the Reinstate Subscription Items API call to the values listed in the table.

ParameterSet to Value
SubscriptionIdThe unique identifier for the subscription.
Items[1,2,3] (Array of running numbers of the subscription items you want to reinstate. All three items are being reactivated.)