Cancel Part of a Multi-Item Subscription

Cancel part of a multi-item subscription effective with the next billing date.

Preconditions and Considerations

  • Each subscription item must have the status Active.
  • If all items in a subscription are deactivated, the status of the entire subscription automatically changes to deactivated.


Your company offers a SaaS collaboration platform product, TeamMax, sold by monthly subscription to large companies. TeamMax consists of three subscription items:

  • TeamMax Basic: ¥60,000 monthly
  • TalkMax: ¥25,000 monthly for an optional VoIP video phone service
  • ChatMax: ¥15,000 monthly for an optional chat and real-time file sharing service
  1. On May 1st, a customer is automatically billed ¥100,000 for the renewal of the subscription that includes all three subscription items.
  2. On May 22nd, the customer decides to use a free instant messaging and VoIP service, and cancels the TalkMax and ChatMax services.
  3. You access an internal application that uses the Get Subscription to retrieve the subscription information.
  4. You uncheck the check boxes next to the TalkMax and ChatMax subscription items on the internal application, and click the Cancel button. The application uses the Deactivate Subscription Items endpoint to deactivate both of these subscription items for the subscription in the Cleverbridge platform. This stops billing for both subscription items effective with the next billing date.
  5. On June 1st, the next billing date, the Cleverbridge platform automatically bills the customer ¥60,000.

To achieve this use case, set the parameters in the Deactivate Subscription Items call to the values listed below:

ParameterSet to Value
RunningNumbers2,3 (This subscription has three items; the second and third are to be deactivated.)
SubscriptionIdThe unique identifier of the subscription.


Do not use the Deactivate Subscription Items endpoint to cancel single-item subscriptions or the last active item of a multi-item subscription. Use the Update Subscription Renewal Type endpoint to turn off the automatic renewal for the entire subscription instead.