Deactivate (Cancel) Part of Multi-Item Subscription

To enable customers who are subscribed to multiple subscription items to deactivate one of the items, integrate the following flow into your system:

Step 1: Deactivate item for customer (effective next billing date)

If a customer would like to deactivate one of their subscription items, call the Deactivate Subscription Item API endpoint. In the API call, do the following:

  • Submit the SubscriptionId pertaining to the customer's subscription.

  • Set GenerateMail to true so that the customer receives a confirmation email that their subscription item was deactivated.

  • Add the subscription item running number of the subscription item that you want to deactivate to the Items array.

    curl --request POST  
        --url <>  
        --header 'accept: application/json'  
        --header 'content-type: application/json'  
        --header 'authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'  
        --data '{  

    Step 2: Cleverbridge communicates the change to the customer

    Cleverbridge sends an email to the customer to confirms that the subscription was updated.