Reimbursement Model

This top-level JSON object is used when money is reimbursed (refunds, partial refunds, chargebacks, and direct debit returns).

Field NameTypeDescription
metaobjectMetadata related to the notification. For more information, see Meta Object.
remarkstringAdditional information about the reimbursement.
purchaseobjectInformation about the transaction. For more information, see Purchase Model.
reimbursementTypeIdstringID for the type of reimbursement. For more information, see Reimbursement Type.
reimbursementReasonIdstringID that corresponds to the reason for reimbursement. For more information, see Reimbursement Reason.
terminateRecurringBillingbooleanWhether or not automatic recurring billing was canceled.



The PartialRefundNotification uses the Reimbursement Model, with the addition of the partialRefundType field. For more information about this field, see Partial Refund Type