PurchaseItem Object

List of purchase items.

Field NameTypeDescription
runningNumberintegerRunning number of the item.
productIdintegerID of the product.
productNamestringProduct name used in customer communication.
productNameExtensionstringAdditional naming information used in customer communication.
yourProductIdstringInternal product ID used in your company.
yourProductNamestringInternal product name used in your company.
productEanstringEuropean article number (EAN) for the product.
productIsbnstringInternational standard book number (ISBN) for the product.
productReportingGroupstringType of product. For example, B2B or B2C.
internalCategorystringThe category type used in your company.
supportContactIdintegerUnique ID for customer support contact.
supportContactstringName of customer support contact.
clientIdintegerThe Cleverbridge ID for your company.
quantityintegerQuantity of the purchase item.
couponcodestringCoupon code for a promotion.
promotionIdstringID of the promotion to which the coupon code belongs. Promotions are set up in the Commerce Assistant.
promotionNamestringName of the promotion to which the coupon code belongs. Promotions are set up in the Commerce Assistant.
licenseeStringstringInformation about the person or company that the software license is registered to.
previousLicensestringPrevious license for the person or company.
shippingOptionstringShipping option selected for the purchase.
refBundleItemRunningNumberintegerRunning number of the bundle item.
refBundleItemProductIdintegerID of the product in the bundle.
refCrossSellingItemRunningNumberintegerRunning number of the cross-sell item.
refCrossSellingItemProductIdintegerID of the product in the cross-sell.
refSubSellingItemRunningNumberintegerRunning number of the sub-sell item.
refSubSellingItemProductIdintegerID of the product in the sub-sell.
refUpSellingItemProductIdintegerID of the product in the up-sell.
crossSubUpSellingIdintegerID of the sub-sell/up-sell.
crossSubUpSellingNameintegerName of the sub-sell/up-sell.
crossSubUpRefPurchaseIdintegerUnique ID of an existing sub-sell/up-sell purchase.
affiliateIdintegerUnique ID of an affiliate.
affiliatestringName of an affiliate.
yourCurrencystringThe currency on your account.
yourCurrencyIdstringUnique ID for the currency on your account.
profitCalculationobjectFinancial figures related to the purchase. For more information, see ProfitCalculation Object.
yourPriceobjectPricing information that your company set up in the Cleverbridge platform. For more information, see Prices Object.
customerPriceobjectPricing information that the customer receives during the purchase process. For more information, see Prices Object.
deliveriesobjectInformation about the delivery(s). For more information, see Deliveries Array.
extraParametersobjectX-parameters related to the purchase item. For more information, see ExtraParameters Object.
recurringBillingobjectInformation about a subscription item (if applicable). For more information, see RecurringBilling Object.
licensePeriodInMonthsintegerNumber of months in the licensing period. For more information, see License Period.