Purchase Model

This top-level JSON object is used when most events related to purchases or subscriptions occur, with the exception of reimbursements.

Field NameTypeDescription
metaobjectMetadata related to the notification. For more information, see Meta Object.
purchaseIdintegerUnique ID of the purchase.
reimbursementIdintegerUnique ID of a reimbursement.
statusstringCurrent purchase status.
statusIdstringCurrent purchase status ID. For more information, see Purchase Status
billingContactobjectCustomer's billing information. For more information, see Contact Object.
deliveryContactobjectCustomer's delivery information. For more information, see Contact Object.
licenseeContactobjectCustomer's licensee information. For more information, see Contact Object.
paymentInfoobjectInformation about the payment. For more information, see PaymentInfo Object.
customerReferenceNumberstringYour unique ID for the customer. This value is submitted by you when the customer initially purchases a product and is stored by Cleverbridge. Corresponds to the Internal customer ID in the Commerce Assistant. It can be used to identify the customer and auto-process the order. For more information, see Internal Customer Data.
creationTimestringDate and time when purchase was created according to RFC3339.
paymentArriveTimestringDate and time when payment was processed according to RFC3339.
reimbursementTimestringDate and time when the reimbursement was processed according to RFC3339.
lastModificationTimestringDate and time when the last change was made according to RFC3339.
quoteToPurchaseTimestringThe time when a customer, who was given a quote, completed the purchase.
subscriptionRevenueCategoryIdstringType of subscription. For a list of possible values, see Subscription Revenue Category.
remoteAddressstringThe IPv4-Address that corresponds with the location where the transaction was completed. For compliance reasons, the last part of the IP address has been masked with a 0.
httpUserAgentstringThe browser used by the customer.
httpEntryUrlstringURL where the customer started the checkout process.
httpRefererstringURL the customer was referred from.
httpAcceptLanguagestringThe Accept-Language Header as submitted by the customer's browser.
partnerIdintegerUnique ID of the partner.
partnerUserNamestringUnique username of the partner.
internalCustomerstringYour unique ID for a customer.
internalPartnerstringYour unique ID for a partner.
customerConfirmationPageUrlstringURL where the customer's confirmation page is located.
customerPdfDocumentUrlstringURL where the PDF document sent to the customer is located.
merchantOfRecordstringThe business model in which the transaction took place. Possible values are AG (Reseller), Inc (Reseller), Service Provider.
errorobjectInformation about errors that occurred during the purchase process. For more information, see Error Object.
paymentResultobjectInformation about the result of the payment process. For more information, see PaymentResult Object.
itemsobjectList of purchase items. For more information, see PurchaseItem Object.
extraParametersobjectX-parameters used in the transaction. For more information, see ExtraParameters Object.