Contact Object

Information about the contact.



By default, data sent in notifications no longer contains the following PII (Personally Identifiable Information):

  • street1
  • street2
  • postalcode
  • city
  • phone1
  • phone2
  • fax

If you currently receive this data in notifications and you want us to discontinue sending it, contact Client Experience. For more information about these changes, see Ensuring Global Compliance.

Field NameTypeDescription
languagestringContact's language.
languageIdstringTwo-character ID of the contact's language, see ISO 639-1.
localestringTwo-character ID of the contact's language (see ISO 639-1) followed by two-character ID of the contact's country (see ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).
salutationstringContact's salutation. Possible values are Mr, Ms, Mrs, Miss.
salutationIdstringContact's salutation ID. Possible values are Mr. = MR, Ms. = MS, Mrs. = MRS, Miss = MIS.
titlestringContact's title.
companystringName of the company.
companyTypestringCompany type. Possible values are Company, Governmental, Miscellaneous, Non-profit, and School/University,
companyTypeIdstringID of the company type. Possible values are Company = COM, Governmental = GOV, Miscellaneous = MIS, Non-profit = NPR and School/University = UNI.
firstnamestringContact's first name.
lastnamestringContact's last name.
companyKatakanastringName of the company in Katakana.
firstnameKatakanastringContact's first name in Katakana.
lastnameKatakanastringContact's last name in Katakana.
companyRomanizedstringRomanized name of the company.
firstnameRomanizedstringContact's romanized first name.
lastnameRomanizedstringContact's romanized last name.
street1stringContact's street address.
street2stringContact's additional street information.
postalcodestringContact's postal code.
citystringContact's city.
statestringContact's state.
stateIdstringTwo-character ID of the contact's state. For example, GA.
stateIsoCodestringFive- or six-character ID of the contact's country and state. States are possible for Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Ireland, Japan, the UAE, and the USA. The country and state codes are separated by a dash, see ISO 3166-2.
countrystringContact's country.
countryIdstringTwo-character ID of the contact's country, see ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.
phone1stringContact's phone number.
phone2stringContact's additional phone number.
faxstringContact's fax number.
emailstringContact's email address.
vatIdstringTaxation number of the contact's company. It should correspond with the company's CountryId.