ProfitCalculation Object

Financial figures related to the purchase.

Field NameTypeDescription
grossRevenuenumberMoney Cleverbridge received from customer, including taxes.
collectedVatnumberTaxes Cleverbridge received from customer.
netRevenuenumberMoney Cleverbridge received from customer, not including taxes.
cbMarginPercentagestringThe amount of NetRevenue that Cleverbridge kept.
cbMarginFixnumberFixed amount of NetRevenue that Cleverbridge kept.
cbShippingFeenumberAmount that Cleverbridge charged for shipping.
cbMarketingFeenumberAmount that Cleverbridge charged for marketing.
affiliateCommissionnumberCommission that the affiliate received.
yourNetProfitnumberMoney you received from Cleverbridge, not including taxes.
yourVatnumberTaxes that you must pay.
yourGrossProfitnumberMoney you received from Cleverbridge, including taxes.