Payment Result

Payment Result CodeDescription
CCA_EXPCard expired
CCA_FRAAcquirer / Issuer Suspected Fraud
CCA_INVInvalid Card
CCA_RESRestricted Card
CCA_REVRevocation of Authorization
GEN_AMOTransaction Amount/Count exceeded
GEN_DECGeneric Decline
GEN_ERRConnector / acquirer currently down
GEN_FUNInsufficient Funds
GEN_TRXInvalid Transaction

PayPal Payment Decline Codes

Decline CodeDescription
10001Internal error
10002Incorrect username / password
10009Cannot perform refund
10201Agreement canceled
10212Profile preference setting
10321Account does not have sufficient funds to implement this mass payment.
10409Express Checkout token was issued for a merchant account other than yours.
10410Invalid token
10411Express checkout session has expired. Token value is no longer valid.
10414Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details.
10417Transaction cannot be completed with the payment method selected by the customer. Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from their PayPal wallet.
10422The customer must return to PayPal to select new funding sources.
10433Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details.
10485Payment has not been authorized by the user.
10486Transaction could not be completed. Redirect your customer to PayPal.
10606Transaction rejected; contact the buyer.
10755Unsupported currency
11451Billing Agreement ID or transaction ID is not valid.
11607A successful transaction has already been completed for this token.
13602Refund failed due to insufficient funds in your PayPal account.
13113The Buyer cannot pay with PayPal for this transaction.
13122Transaction cannot be completed because it violates the PayPal User Agreement.
81253Missing Parameter